Thursday, February 16, 2006


-Sometimes I dream that I fade away before I touch her
And that my body fades away like flowing flowers
As the wandering souls sing forgotten secrets-

Dreams are the most ramdom things ever I LOVE them. This was so fun. I repeated some elements that I've used before because I find them interesting. This has been a great way to experiment with random things and techniques. It's my birthday weekend so I'm posting this kind of early, Let me know what you guys think.


Augie Pagan said...

Man, I wish I had cool dreams that were that vivid. Cool stuff. Looks like you were chaneling James Jean on this one. Did you color it on the computer?

Carlos V. said...

Thanks Augie! Checked out your blogS! I really dig your stuff! The color IS in the computer but I try to use textures and such to make it look like is not. Thanks!

Walker said...

Cool stuff! this is going to be my desktop image this week.