Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hello again. I feel inspired as of late. I need to post more often and keep myself on a good pace with creating new artwork. I decided to do a Bizarro piece, because what is cooler than a retarded version of superman? I love the concept of bizarro and the endless ways you could interpret him. I did this piece entierly in photoshop and i like certain aspects of it but I'm not at all ready to give up the traditional goodness. Next up is a redesign of Robocop for the sketch-o-rama blog!! I cant wait to sink my teeth into this one, and check out the good work being produced for that blog. Till then enjoy and give a holler if ya feel like it!!

These are some hilarious stagings of my Bizarro having some terrible luck trying to relieve himself done by friend and animator extraordinare Saxton Moore. Yes, even Bizarros need to take leaks✪

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Thing Redesigned!

Now this was a fun one here. This is a piece for the sketch-o-rama blog. The theme this week was fantastic four. I originally intended to do mr. fantastic...or my version of him Mr. Fantastico! After much sketching I started a painting of him but realized that with my schedule at the moment I would not get it done. I desided to do The Thing instead and Im pretty happy with the results. Let me know what you all think. Till next time. Peace world...we need it!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

8 MAN HOURS & Sketch-o-Rama

Hello everyone! Back again with goodies for the eyes and mind, well maybe not so much for the mind. On Wendsday I was hanging around the studio and sat down on Jim Gromans chair conversating with a co-worker, when out of nowhere Saxton Moore pops up and points out how Im sitting on the chair in which Jim put a good solid 8 man hours! It sounded really discusting the way he put it, so I jumped up and thought of Jim farting on the chair amongst other things...hehe. Not that Jim does any of that, hes is quite the gentleman and a great guy (quite clean too!!) I got the funniest picture in my head of Jim sitting in his chair after a long day and him reverting back to Barbarian times, being as manly as ever! I was cracking up! So I had to do a charicature of that in which the character looks nothing like Jim but it is inspired my his nice mug! Jim please don't kill me but I had to!! Anyways enjoy my silly antics!!!

By the way I'm a part of the group blog sketch-o-rama made up of AGP artists. These are for that blog and we are having a blast with it and the work is pretty amazing. Please take your time and check out the good work. It is on my links at the bottom. Peace to all!!