Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have been reading tons of great comics lately!! Marvel has its claws on me right now and I'm digging a lot of work out there. Over all i think one character is in the middle of it all right now, Ironman. He's kind of a cold blodded bastard that has a serious case of powertripping. He basically got captain america killed and recently got completely demolished by the hulk in World War Hulk, which is amazing and I recomend it to anyone! So i've been meaning to do an ironman piece and I finally got around to it. Struggled with this one for a bit at the end of the process, but overall it was really fun to do something purely for myself for a change. I feel inspired right now and I'll try to continue this momentum with other pieces. Till next time I hope you enjoy the piece and feel free to drop a line.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Freelance and ©oncepts

Hello all, sorry for ignoring this blog like a bastard child, I do apologize. I have been soo crazy with freelance and work and also enjoying the summer by staying active. These are concepts and illustrations I had to do for a property called Pretty Freekin Scary developed right here in American Greetings. I am one of two illustrators working on 4-5 books for Penguin publishing and they are due out Sept. in bookstores and wallmart among other places. Fun behind the scenes stuff. Will resume with the personal work very shortly, maybe even tomorrow, but for now enjoy this filler and no, I am not dead...just blog-lazy.