Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We'll this one was lots of fun! He is just a fun character to explore and i like pushing things to make them my own. Another semi-quick painting in photoshop. I think once the texture was added the whole picture really pulled itself together. I hope you guys are enjoying these villains. I think for the next few posts i'm going to mix things up. I recently completed an acrylic painting for a busted show that failed to go up...oops...wasn't my fault. Now this painting resides at my workarea in AG. As always feedback is appreciated. Hope you like!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Watch OUT!!! It's the Penguin!!

Hello everyone. Again this is a quick painting done last night for fun and practice. Keeping up with my theme of villains this is my interpretation of the Penguin, Batman's classic villain. I thried playing with the composition a little more but since it was quick it doesn't really matter if its not the greatest composition. I had fun and i hope you guys like it. Feedback always much appreciated.