Monday, May 11, 2009


Thor painting I started a while back, this version is about 50% finished, more on this one later.

This piece is big! about 24x36. The drawing is barely getting somewhere but I am excited about the possibilities for this piece. I will make a post for this painting soon!

This is the skate deck I finished for a group show here in town. The skate deck is going for $600.00 if anyone out there in internet land is interested.

Here is a taste of the personal projects I've been working on lately. I am back on the painting groove and I haven't felt this way since college when I was doing my senior thesis. I have a lot of people to thank for this new rejuvenated passion for painting but I won't name then here, you guys know who you are. Hope you guys enjoy the sneak peek and please drop me a line to say what's up. I am planning a solo gallery show in the fall so Im cranking, wish me luck!!