Friday, January 18, 2008


Here is some more stuff I did for the Sushi Pack cartoon on CBS Saturday mornings. Full episodes will be going up on the AGKidZone website soon so if you guys happen not to catch it on CBS you can watch them anytime on the website. This year we hope to push awareness on the property so hopefully you will be seeing cool stuff coming out. I can't wait until we make toys from this show, I think they might start off as a specialty product so expect them to be awesome! This is definitely a great show thats not getting the eyeballs it deserves so i encourage you to watch some episodes and let me know what you think. I've been working on my own personal projects lately and I'm very excited about them but they need a lot of work still.
I will be starting a new full size oil painting soon and I will post the drawing for it in the coming week hopefully. Until then everyone have a great weekend !

Thursday, January 03, 2008

GO JOE!!!!!

SNAKEYES!! One of all my all time favorites. You can't do stormshadow and not Snakeyes now can you?? Hope ya digs!

So my friend and co-worker Saxton Moore is having a G.I. JOE contest over at channel frederator raw. I decided to do my all time faves Stormshadow and Snakeyes (Snakeyes is still in the works). Love these two, I always though they where the most badass, other than Destro that is. I have really fond memories of this show and the toys were a dream come true for a young boy like me. I had tons of fun with this one and even though the holidays got in the way I finally finished one of them and the other should be done tomorrow. Hope you guys digs and hope everyone had a good holidays. Everybody's resolution should be to post more often, I know that's what mine is=)