Thursday, November 15, 2007


I got contacted by Jay Rogers, art director for Cartoon Network in ATL. for a special piece of the powerpuff girls. Apparently they do a cool in-house calendar with all their properties re-invented. They wanted a dark edgy illustrations depicting the girls in battle with a monster. I gotta say this was a lot of fun and the dudes at cartoon where a real pleasure to work with. I had fun exploring these characters and adding a little bit of me into their world. I was so excited because they wanted me to do my style(or one of them) for this piece. I think once i got the drawing down the rest just flowed and it was more or less painless. Thanks to the Cartoon Network guys. Hope you guys out there enjoy it.

Friday, November 02, 2007


FINALLY!!! After long months and crazy hours and turnaround deadlines Sushi Pack will make it's debut on CBS Saturday mornings in The Kewlopolis Block. Sushi Pack is a super group of five pieces of sushi brought to life by a freak lighting storm and now they live in an organic doughnut shop looking to fight crime and enforce peace and justice!! Don't let their size full you because these five sushis pack a BIG punch!! I mainly worked on the show as a background supervisor and character designer. DIC entertainment did the bulk of the production work but we here at AGP did the visual development and quality control. Check out fellow co-workers Saxton Moore and Jim Groman for their post on Sushi Pack artwork. It was a joy to work on this show because the style is fresh and cool and it's a fun show. I've been waiting a while to be able to share this with you guys so here you go. I'll post even more stuff later. Hope you digs!