Monday, March 22, 2010



New Project for 2010.

I recently lost my sketchbook and I feel pretty lost. I use my sketchbook everyday and I love it because it's so convenient and I can look through the pages to reflect on my sketches.

However, losing my sketchbook has sparked an idea for a new project, my DIGITAL SKETCHBOOK.

The plan is to draw on lose pieces of paper ONLY and every four pages, I will combine them in photoshop into one page for my Printed DIGITAL SKETCHBOOK. Once I get 100 or 200 pages (I haven't decided yet) I will self-publish the book into my first published book of personal sketches. I'm pretty amped. Hopefully this will turn out ok and hopefully you guys will enjoy it too.

Wish me luck! Here are the first pages.

I was also thinking about printing a sketchbook compiled from my older sketches seen on my flickr and my blog.


Sunday, March 14, 2010



Designs for vinyl record paintings. Will post final product soon.