Monday, January 22, 2007

War of the Colossal Freaks of Frankenstein's Planet™

Another promotional image for The Collosal FREAKS!!! This one depicts the reptilian race warrior in his natural environment. These are too much fun and there is a ton of stuff I should be doing instead but oh well. More to come, much more to come.

This is a promotional piece for this concept. The freak in this illustration is one of the elite warriors, looking over the land that he dominates, but for how long? I am currently working on a painted version of this piece so stay tuned. The logo was the creation of Jorge "Parcecles" Lacera. ENJOY!!

This is a concept me and a couple of co-workers came up with for a show that never went up. Anyways I did a whole lotta drawings and a couple of digital paintings which Im displaying in this post. The reptilian with the sword is a member of an underwater clan of freaks and the other blue warrior is from the aristrochatic section of the world, a high ranking warrior with many destructive ablilities. I might update this post with pencil drawings that never made it to photoshop. Hope you like and keep a lookout because there might be a secret surprice to come in relation to this concept.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First Post of 2007/ Happy New Years to All!

Well the new year is here and for once I have a good feeling about this one. I had a great time in New York celebrating with some of my best friends and fellow artist. Man that city can really wear you out! This post consist of sketchebook drawings of the random kind. I have started to really get into animation and it's history recently, therefore my drawings are transitioning into a more animated style. I learned this great technique from Saxton Moore for drawing and designing characters. The technique consists of drawing solid random shapes of all forms and sizes and then fitting a face into the shape. I think this technique allows for simpler and more pleasing design while staying away from your old habits, therefore a more original fresh look. I want to wish everyone the best for the coming year and please enjoy the work.

P.S. New and exciting stuff in the works so please check back soon.