Thursday, February 10, 2011

Astonishing Assholes-Beast, Cyclops

-The Astonishing Assholes is a reinvention of the X-men. Young, jaded assholes that have no purpose but to listen to loud music and smash a few heads. They smoke, drink and fuck. Everything your normal teenager does. Enjoy!-


Cyclops is a particularly nasty asshole, the kind with no real remorse. He has no problem disintegrating your bones if you happen to speak to him after a particularly indulgent binge of booze and cocaine. Deep down inside, he's just an insecure little prick like everyone else. Enjoy!

Astonishing Assholes-Beast

Beast is pissed off at the world. I mean who wouldn't be if they had his ugly mug. He loves punk rock and getting into bar fights. He also has quite the sweet tooth for the opposite sex, doing whatever he can to get his.

Check out Jorge Lacera's and Gavin Goulden's take on these assholes.

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Duncan Barton said...

hahaha, looks great man!