Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Incomparable Sharkboxer


So out of the blue this guy, Joe Karg, hit me up on my blog for some freelance work. This is the first piece I did for him, a pin-up for his upcoming graphic novel, The Incomparable Sharkboxer. I gotta say he had some great ideas for these pin-ups, strange but that's what made them so great. For this piece up top I drew every girl individually then inked them and finally composed them so I could have some versatility with the design.


As I kept on doing these I kept on trying to push the inks. At some points pushing some of these made me extremely uncomfortable but then I thought that was a great thing. I really believe I evolved with my inks while doing these. Hope you guys dig.


This was a hilarious concept, I gotta give it up to Joe, he was never shy at pushing the conventional concepts of pin-up art.


This piece was another one where I had a blast drawing a bunch of individual bees and then finding a way to fit them in the composition. I personally think they all look crazy and like I said the all make me uncomfortable, but I really think in the end the color will separate everything really nicely.


These are the first two pages that I inked for him for the actual graphic novel. Check out the inks here they look KILLER!!!


One last note, I broke down and joined twitter. I've actually become pretty fond of it lately and figured why fight it. My screename is CVillagra99 so please click the follow button if you'd like. I will be posting about art and updates and all things illustration.


Kristen McCabe said...

Good Lord, that's AWESOME! I love what you're doing with the ink techniques in the bg. The textures make the figures "pop"

Brilliant work!

David Fedan said...


Duncan Barton said...

Ink Skills!

Bags said...

Dude, these ink pieces are really rad! For sure. I really dig the rendering styles and the energy in each of these pieces. You gotta do more of these, LIKE A BOOK FULL!!!

Erik Jones said...

DUDE!! These are ridiculous, I love all the line work, so expressive!
This had to have been a blast to do!