Friday, August 28, 2009



This was a fun piece to work on. Us at Sketch-o-Rama, decided to do Star Trek as a theme due to the summer movie. I decided to do a comic page for a change. I tried to focus on the coloring of the piece, because I think I would do a good job coloring comics one day. The gag is kinda stupid but it was quick and a ton of fun, hope you guys dig!



The deal with this character is that he is the most competitive fetus in the world. The only draw back is that he is a freaking fetus and can't really play any game well!!! Bless his heart he tries as hard as he can but his slimmy gooey fingers and limbs hinder his ability to compete!! One day fetus will win at something but for now...YOU CAN'T WIN FETUS!!!!


Introducing the cutest/meanest dog I have ever met!!


>>The Blog is now done!! I might change the banner if I can think of something better but for now this is it!!! Hope you guys like it, any feedback would be appreciated. And if you like what you see please sign up to follow the blog. Thanks!


ardavila said...

Is this a picture of mackezies dog? That is awesome!!!
Hey where is your banner? I can't wait to see it.

michael robertson said...

hey carlos, your new and improved blog looks awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing more stuff from you, so keep it up. man.

...oh, and this fetus thing is freakin' hilarious!!