Saturday, February 17, 2007

✱Transplant Art Show~Tell Your Friends!✱

I will be a part of a group show coming up March 9th thought April 7th. These are the images for my promotional postcard for this show. If you are in Cleveland during this time please check it out. It will be at the
  • Asterisk Gallery
  • in Tremont. I will post the pieces on this blog as soon as the show opens. The video is from the window display we built and set up in Big Fun, a really cool toy store here in cleveland to advertise the show. Enjo¥!!

    Props to the beautiful and talented Beth Brettell who designed and layed out the type and elements for the postcards and who had tremendous amounts of patience to deal with my art direction. Check out her blog on my links, you wont be sorry!


    Bags said...

    Wow, good deal! I'm amp'd to see how the show turnsout, take many flics, wish i was there to see it!!!

    Beth Brettell said...

    it all looks great, glad i could help. the end result and your comments made it all worth it :)

    can't wait to see the show with all the pieces. everythng is looking amazing so far

    Anonymous said...

    Man, Los! Wish I could be there! Show's gonna be sick!

    CMR said...

    I noticed they keep taking down your postcard at work.

    Fuckin' haters. Maybe we should glue one down. said...

    excelentes colores y linea fabulosa