Saturday, February 11, 2006


Painting this was really fun! I like just being able to make quick desicions and not dwell on it for too long. Hope you guys like.

Well I ended up doing a drawing first for this weeks theme and I liked it alright but wasn't thrilled about it. One night I just decided to grab a piece of left-over board and just started painting in oils. I've never really done that before, and well, I had a blast! The piece went through many transformations but it was the freedom of not having everything planned out that really made this fun. I was rubbing stuff out and repainting and changing my mind constantly and the end result is the image you see here. The other one I like as well and I decided to leave it a sketch because what the hell. Hope you enjoy!!


Selvi Sindu said...

Ur sketch book is great. wish you good luck to do more a^nd more of them.

Unknown said...

sWEEET! I love painting samurais.

Carlos V. said...

Thanks Bobby wow you are amazing! Love your site!!