Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hulking Sacks10

Random, very very kind of animation excersice.
DISCLAIMER...I didn't come up with this dialogue!!!! I was messing around with mouth movements and showed it to a co-worker and that person came up with the quote. I just thought it was hilarious!!!

These are the small post-it drawings that started it all.

Hello all. So I've been playing with animation lately. Just messing around with Flash casually trying to learn and have fun in a very silly way. I AM NOT AN ANIMATOR. I do like trying different things though. This little short is of my good friend and colleague Saxton Moore. I really had fun doing this and I know its silly and nothing great but I learned a lot and I hope to do more and get lots better. I will be posting more soon. I hope to get better at this. Hope you guys enjoy!


Clayton Stillwell said...

so great man. its really cool to see you stepping into this direction. has a jerky boys feel to it , really digging it

Kristen McCabe said...

hahahaaa! That was gutbustingly funny! I love how his eyes budge out when he turns all hulky.