Thursday, May 03, 2007



Initial sketches

Photoshop sketch

Tight pencil drawing
My latest post for Sketch-o-rama. This one took a while to develop but I'm pretty pleased with the result. I've started to sketch out the initial concept in photoshop because of its flexibility to make a cool pose without being restricted by the edge of the paper or anything like that. I also like to skew things and experiment in photoshop until I get something I really like. I then took this piece and did a tight pencil then a quicky digital color job. I'm posting an initial sketch as well to show were my initial look for my version came from. I'll try and post even more frequently, but till next time...peace out!!

By the way who's watching the big fight on saturday?? i got my money on Maywheater!!!


Anonymous said...

These characters are so fun!

Unknown said...

cool parce, good idea on using the skew tool.. maaarico

Erik Jones said...

Thank you so much man.... yhay means a lot coming from you, we have to get together some time. When are you going to be in florida again?

P Tinkler said...

Love what you do Carlos, an inspiration...keep it coming!